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20 Social Media Call-To-Actions That Actually Work

Having an effective call-to-action (CTA) is the difference between a good post that people read and a GREAT post that drives people to act.

Every social media post, blog post, and website should have a clear goal that you want the reader to complete. The goal might be to follow you, tag a friend, click your link, buy a product, or signup for your newsletter. Either way, you want to give the user a clear CTA to drive engagement and conversion.

If you want action, you have to ask for it.

Pro Tips To Get The Attention You Need

  • It's all about "stopping the scroll", so look for ways to draw the eye. CTA's work best when there is white space around it so it doesn't flow into the rest of your post. Use an emoji like the 👉 or ➡️, or a simple ----->. You can also capitalize the text.

  • Make it easy. Include the link you want them to click on or the article to share right in the post for Facebook & LinkedIn, and the bio for Instagram.

  • Clearly point out the benefit to the user. An easier way to make dinner? Fun night out with their partner? A tip to improve their business or a cute animal pic to make them laugh? Make it easy for your reader to find and understand the benefit of reading your content.

Ready to get started? Here are 20 CTA's for your social media posts:

  1. Grab yours now ---> (include the arrow to draw the eye)

  2. This article (or video) will teach you how to ____ (what problem are you solving for your reader?)

  3. Save your seat!

  4. What's your favorite ______? or How would you handle ____? (Tie the question back into the topic. Great opportunity for feedback/ideas)

  5. Subscribe today for your _____

  6. Book your next adventure/blissful moment/free consultation/test drive

  7. Share this with (a friend you love/your favorite person/etc.)

  8. Follow us @(username from another social platform) and let's be friends.

  9. Follow us for more great tips/recipes/ideas/etc.

  10. Register now for your _____

  11. Don't miss out! Grab your ticket today

  12. Get XX when you order today

  13. View/Read this (video/article) to learn how to _____

  14. Sign up and reserve your spot while space is available

  15. Try it for free today

  16. Get started and (explain how you'll help solve a pain point)

  17. Check out why ____ (solve a problem)

  18. Join us today/join for free

  19. Sign up now and get tips straight to your inbox

  20. Will you be there? (add link)

Want more insider tips like this? Follow us on social media at @designtheexperience for bite-size marketing training, tips, and tools to help grow your small business.

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