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small business marketing

go beyond just marketing

Create experiences so memorable that customers buy more, stay longer, and tell more people about you.

You’re focused on results. So are we.

We work exclusively with growing small businesses that

understand their customer IS the business.

You have an amazing product or service.


But, if your customers don’t know about you, aren’t wowed by the experience,

or don’t understand how you help make their life better -

they won’t buy more, stay longer, or tell people about you.


We'll help you change that.

How We Help

customer experience strategy

Everything starts


First, we help you identify your target customers and your goals. Then, we work with you to design an intentional, consistent, and laser-focused customer experience that drives sales, customer retention, and actively positive word-of-mouth.

Brand Identity & Design

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets.

The Design The Experience team can help you build a brand that sticks - from the look and feel of your logo, to the message and feeling it evokes in your

target customer.

marketing plan & activation

Not just ideas. We help make it happen.

Once we understand your target customer and the experience you want to deliver, it’s time to make it happen. From online marketing and digital promotions to in-store customer touches and print communications, we’ll bring it to life.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Your customers are online. Let’s get you in front of them.

You don’t have the time or resources to just post and hope. We’ll work with you to build a social media strategy that drives action and results. Don’t have the time to manage it? We can handle it for you if it makes sense for YOUR business.

how we can help you grow?

website design & seo

Let's make it easy to find and

buy from you.

A mobile-optimized website is critical to establish trust and grow. From new websites to optimizing the one you already have, we'll help you create an online presence that impresses.

product & service design

Deliver the “Wow” your competitors don’t.

The product or service you sell is at the heart of your success, so let’s make it WOW. From the pricing structure and packaging to service execution, we’ll help you stand out and deliver what truly matters to your customers.

brand photography
& video

First impressions matter. So do second, third, fourth…

People work with people they like. Let’s help your customers like YOU. With our in-house photography and videography services, we’ll help tell your story so that it connects with your customers - visually and emotionally.

podcasts, branded murals & more

Stand out to reach new customers in a crowded market.

We'll help you design the right channels and content to stand out in a constantly competitive market. Never done it before? Don't worry, we have and can help you through each step.

why customer experience?

The customer experience is your customers' overall perception of their experiences with your business and brand.


It is the result of every interaction a customer has with your business - from how easy it is to find you online and the delivery of your product/service to ongoing service and communications.


We like to say, "It's what people say about your company when you aren't in the room."

Every business has a customer experience. It just might not be intentional, consistent, and focused on the moments that actually matter to your customer.

That means less impact for your brand, frustration for your customers and team, costly inefficiencies, and less sales/repurchase.

customer experience

We'll help you fix that.


"Highly recommended! Stephanie and her team are professional, knowledgeable and very creative. I engaged DTX to upgrade the logo, website and professional image of my small business and I'm very pleased. Working with them is like having your own top notch marketing department!"
 - Chris Webb
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